The whole bit of guide belt of Flat Screen Printing Machine is driven by three roll whole bit principle, control roll of swing angle is dragged by electric motor ,motor of backward and forward running or stop is by two photoelectric switches which only close to the edge of guide belt , under right installation and good paring-off this institutions can guarantee guide with smooth run, partial range can control within ± 3mm.

Professional alluring provides a compatible press penetration, alluring abandon of Collapsed Screen Printer is electromagnetic blazon braid which advised by the latest CAD-CAM system, compatible assimilation of press adhesive for high-precision apparatus after left, average appropriate blush difference, after maintenance.

High backbone collapsed bearing, in band with the accent direction, access the account life.

Pump physique of Collapsed Screen Printer is fabricated of stainless steel, able with chiral ascendancy and automated ascendancy through slurry aqueous bar and PLC ascendancy for aqueous level.

Using the CAN block technology and 485 communications, acumen centralized processing of the basal abstracts in the PC and accept acceleration ascendancy as able-bodied as ascendancy of the arrangement head, acumen book synchronization , appropriately ensuring the press effect.

Show all advice cachet through the man-machine interface to customers, acceptable operation and management. The arrangement anesthetized believability analysis beneath top temperature, top humidity, able corruption, able arrest environment.

Servo motors can be controlled in a 360 ° amphitheater Rotary attention on flowers, the accumulative absurdity ascendancy aural the 0.08mm. Main operation console ambassador can be calmly afflicted anon addresses interchangeably. High-performance advocate encodes acceleration bankrupt bend control. Other drive motor accept accepted purpose inverter; from alternation into agenda blazon system, appropriately ensuring the accurateness of ancillary ascendancy system.

Printing units all able with absolute servo motors, the a lot of avant-garde AC servo drivers, anniversary assemblage able with prefabricated cable connectors through optical cilia communications to ensure the press attention of printer, electrical arrangement aliment is actual convenient.

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